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Serenity Necklace (Firefly)

Serenity Necklace (Firefly) "You ever sail in a Firefly?"
Nope, but I have a necklace!

This is an officially licensed Firefly pendant in sterling silver, on an 18" chain.
Available at ThinkGeek.




Bag of Holding - Con-Survival Edition by ThinkGeek Bag of Holding – Con-Survival Edition by ThinkGeek

We designed this bag with the busy convention attendee with a hectic schedule and a crowded hall in mind. Why’d we do it? Because we attend cons, too, and we know how crazy it can get. You already know ThinkGeek has a booth at around 8 conventions a year, but we also spend a lot of time at cons as attendees, and we’ve spent plenty of valuable minutes looking for someplace to sit so we can check the map or schedule or hook up a charger…