To celebrate the return of Star Trek: Picard for it’s 2nd season, Paramount+ and Fever open the newest incarnation of the Enterprise-D’s Ten Forward with an immersive restaurant event in the Los Angeles Arts District.

10 FORWARD: THE EXPERIENCE will be open from March 10th through March 20th at 1262 Palmetto Street. Guests will visit the Star Trek: Picard world with Trek photo ops, exclusive merchandise at the official 10 Forward Canteen Store, and themed food and drinks (Romulan ale anyone?) at everyone’s favorite social hub of the future.

Behind the Scenes of Picard Season 2, from @SirPatStew himself on Twitter.

Tickets are $25 and available here at Fever. More details can also be found at Standard admission includes themed food and 2 cocktails or mocktails (or synthehol) per person. Guests must be 21+ to attend and show proof of COVID-19 vaccine at entry. Costumes are welcome, just no full face masks or weapons, so leave the phasers at home.

Food and beverages will be provided by a different cult-favorite Los Angeles restaurant or food truck each day:

What would you order at 10 Forward? A Raktajino? A Samarian Sunset? Romulan ale? Or something else? Let us know in the comments!