The Amazon Prime offsite at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 was one of the most elaborate that we’ve ever seen at SDCC. (Certainly since 2018’s Amazon offsite for Jack Ryan…) Construction began about a month before the show, in the parking lot at the at the corner of 1st and Island in downtown San Diego. The prior year, the entire space was taken up with a Middle Eastern market for Jack Ryan, which included a zipline and elaborate escape room. We didn’t find out until Sunday of Comic-Con that there was a separate game — an ARG — that you could play using a crossword in the newspaper, and various “vendors” around the market.

Going in to 2019, we knew to look for ARG clues early on, and if it’s one thing we know: When you see a phone number, you call that phone number. Located on the A/V store from The Boys there was, indeed, a phone number:

Calling this number lead to a voice recording that suggested to look for a box with a clue. After checking out several water ice chests — decidedly not the clue we wanted — we spotted a box next to the Carnival Row building. Sure enough, inside was a comic for The Boys and, inside that, a clue and map!

Next we figured we needed to memorize the license plate of the crashed car, and find the correct person to give our password to.

Down an alley on the backside of the Boys’ building, there was a nondescript, blacked-out door…

And inside the door was…

A comic shop!

Finders of the hidden room had their photo taken and placed on a board, and could shoot darts to win prizes. Everyone also got to pick a free comic as a souvenir!

Did you find the hidden comic shop from The Boys? Comment below or let us know on Twitter!