What the heck happened to the show?


We used to believe that it was NBC's fault. That the show faded in ratings so much that they decided to cancel it, rather than do anything to try to save it. Goodness knows, the fans certainly tried. From the Variety ad to the SkyAd over the Emmy Awards, to the letter writing campaign launched to NBC, Amblin, Universal, and the show's advetisers, the online commiunity of fans tried to make our voices heard. But, despite this, on May 15, 1995, NBC announced their fall lineup which Earth 2 was not apart of.

It was later that we would learn what actually happened.

Earth 2's producers - the people who had brought life to the characters which they themselves created - were fired by Universal in hopes of changing the show to fit what the mass population wanted to see. A promo was created by Universal for a second season, but this was rejected by NBC and the show was cancelled. This promo tape was found and shown at the first Earth 2 convention, New PacifiCon 1996. No one had seen it before, not even the cast members, and after viewing what the second season may have been like, everyone was generally glad the show wasn't renewed. The proposal was not what we would want for a second season. In essence, they dumbed the show down, until it would have been almost unrecognizable as the one we had grown to love.