For our first DesignerCon, we knew a little of what to expect: The familiar Anaheim Convention Center — from Star Wars Celebration and WonderCon — this time full of fantastic artists and craftspeople displaying their original creations. We ended up being overwhelmed at all the art to look at, and in fact may have purchased much more art than expected!

For our photos, we decided to focus on one genre, everything Tiki, and tried to capture all tiki artists found at the convention. (Watch out for Surprise Baby Yodas, however!) Off we go…

BigToe Art by Tom Laura, and Tee-Ki Togs:

Geeki Tikis and their Star Wars mini-muglets, sold only at conventions:

Violence Toy‘s creepy mugs:

The Tiki Crate from CrateMonster:

Mondo‘s tikis:

Modster Squad pins and cards by Anthony Petrie:

We interrupt this tiki post for… SURPRISE! BABY YODAS!

Back to tiki with Jeff Granito‘s awesome designs:

We found this little spirit badge with the Monster Rangers:

Cute, Steampunky designs from Baby Tattoo!

Original mugs from Biggs Studio:

Last, but not least, for our DesignerCon tiki exploration, the Shag booth:

It also wouldn’t be a trip to Anaheim with a stop at Trader Sam’s and we also caught some great art in the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney, like this piece by Eunjung June Kim:

“Happy Pineapple Song” by Eunjung June Kim

Many of these tiki-themed artists will also be found at the annual Tiki Trader event at the Bali Hai in San Diego, this year on Saturday, November 30. Register, or purchase VIP tickets (mai tai included!) by clicking here or on their poster: