Virtual Pop Expo (May 9 and 10)

From the teams that brought us the Ready Player One and Upside Down parties at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, the Virtual Pop Expo brings the convention experience to our homes with talent, interactive streams, digital vendors, and the chance to win some exclusives!

Daily Sonnets from Captain Picard

Sir Patrick Stewart has been reading A Sonnet A Day, almost to Shakespeare’s Sonnet #50. Watch his readings on Facebook or Twitter.

GISH Scavenger Hunt (May 30)

GISH — the “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt” and purveyor of weirdness since 2012 — holds an annual week-long charity scavenger hunt each year. Starting last month, they held a special quarantine edition of a one day, stay-at-home hunt. The April event raised money to cover 250,000 meals for kids affected by COVID closures. Their next event is May 30th starting at 10AM Pacific. Basic registration is $15. Join the fun at!

National Theatre at Home

The National Theatre releases a free play on YouTube every Thursday, which is available for a week. Plays include Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller, Antony & Cleopatra with Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo, Barber Shop Chronicles, A Streetcar Named Desire with Gillian Anderson, This House, and Coriolanus with Tom Hiddleston. Find them on YouTube and their web site.

San Diego Zoo Live Cameras

You may not normally get to visit the San Diego Zoo during Comic-Con, but now you can visit any time! They have a selection of live cameras streaming a variety of adorable critters, on their web site.

Access Mars (Mars in 3-D)

Get your @$$ to Mars! NASA and JPL have partnered with Google to offer a tour of the Martian surface as recorded by Curiosity. Visit:

Josh Gad Reunites Back to the Future andThe Goonies

On his new zoomcast, Reunited Apart, Josh Gad has already reunited the cast from The Goonies and will release the Back To The Future episode on May 11 (9AM Pacific). Watch on YouTube!

Center for Puppetry Arts (Dark Crystal Trivia: May 14)

The Atlanta museum is bringing many of is exhibits and events online, and holding trivia contests related to their displays. Labyrinth was in early May (not to brag, but we got 2nd place!) but they have online trivia quiz for The Dark Crystal coming up on May 14, 4PM Pacific (register here for $5). You can also purchase access to live artist and author seminars and Q&A’s, with profits supporting the museum. More on their website: