Another Comic-Con come and gone!  What a whirlwind!  First off, my thanks to all the readers and Twitter followers who made use of Outside SDCC and gave me support in this endeavor!  I’ll be doing this again next year, and hope to have a lot more items for you.  Should you have any ideas or feed back of what you’d like to see, or any feedback on what I did this year, please use the “Contact” link to the left and drop me a line!

I have set up a group over on Flickr where I have posted some of my event photos and invite everyone to post their own!

On to the highlights…

Walking Dead Escape:  While I didn’t participate, it was still great fun to stand outside Petco Park and watch survivors running through… and listen to the screams and zombie moans.  Several runners captured the experience via video, available over on YouTube.

Photo by Christina Glen

WIREDCafe: Their “Reader Day” RSVP opened the pool area to everyone this year, and it was great to finally attend this fun event at the Omni. Wired and their sponsors offered free fo0d and Game of Thrones-themed drinks.  Several sponsor booths had some great give-aways (I got a iPhone case!).  Even better, while I was there, True Blood‘s Kristin Bauer van Straten and Joe Manganello, and the Doctor Who cast made appearances as they stopped in for lunch!

NerdHQ: Another successful year for the HQ!  They featured about 20 panels running the gamit of pop culture, where all proceeds from ticket sames were donated to Operation Smile.  I was lucky enough to grab tickets to a few of their sold-out events.  It was wonderful to be able to sit up-close to cast members from Doctor Who, Grimm, and yes, even Twilight.  You can read the Nerd Machine’s own recap here.

GRIMM Walk-Thru:  NBC set up a spectacular forest just outside the Hard Rock Hotel, which had a walk through with info board about the creatures from the show.  The walk ended with a tour of  an airstream set up like Nick’s on the series and filled with all sorts of hunting tools and books and other detailed goodies.

The Batmobiles!

Tumbler Tour

What I missed…

The Disney & HGTV Frankenweenie Electrifying Garden was something I didn’t know about until last minute.  Even though I walked by their tent every day during SDCC, when I went to visit it on Sunday morning, it was already being taken down.  Flickr user insidethemagic has a set of photos from the Garden tent here.

This brings up a good Comic-Con tip:  When you see something you like, don’t think to yourself, “That’s awesome, I’ll come back later!”  Because you won’t.  Just make the time, right then, and stop for a few minutes.

Geek & Sundry held their first outside SDCC events, however I wasn’t able to make any of them.  If anyone did make it, please post!